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Kim Kardashian Taking Selfie Photos

Kim Kardashian was out shopping Beverly hill today, and if you were watching football this weekend, you may have missed her newest and latest post-workout, curvy booty selfie.
There were actually a few selfies posted by Kim over the weekend; each one including her friend and workout buddy, Blac Chyna. In the selfies, the two are comparing booties, which Kim claims she has worked hard to get and won’t allow the tabloids to take away from her.

Although Kim’s booty was the star of the show over the weekend, her low-cut, tight, tank-top helped display her curvy cleavage and was the headliner today. Today Kim was sporting a long, sophisticated, ivory toned coat over a perfectly fit, sexy light blue skirt that fit her body like a glove while shopping Barney’s of New York. After becoming a recent mom, Kim is proud of her weight loss. Kim has apparently been using Pilates to help get her body back into prime shape.  Kim wishes her body still like it did when the Kim Kardashian sex tape came out, we think.

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Kim's baby already richer than all of us

The baby shower for her new baby was held recently and baby KK definitely got spoiled.  To no surprised, Kim received a blinged out high chair with Swarovski crystals.  The same one that Beyonce has.  Keeping pace with Beyonce, they also have a $4,000 crib for the baby.  How sad is it that before it's even born, the baby has more assets than I do?  That's going to be one spoiled, and very rich baby.  Who knows, maybe Kim will have a boy and he can shack up with Beyonce's Blue Ivy to become even more powerful than we can even imagine.

Kim really believes that Kayne is her soul mate

Or at least, she wants us to believe that she believes it.  Posting on her Twitter, a brief message about how he is her best friend and love of her life.  One week she is mad at him, one week they are in love, one week she is pregnant, one week he's cheating on her.  Whatever it takes to stay in the media spotlight I guess, right?  She's definitely not scared to spend money on him though, buying im a $750k Lambo for his birthday last year.  But apparently her financials aren't so good this year, since she didn't get him anything.  Well, I guess she did give him a baby.